Green Swirly Things

I’m not quite sure what to call these, they are swirly decal patterns with a green-silver gradient background. Very different, quite cool and not as hard as you might think… Advertisements


I will admit, these were done in a bit of a rush and are a little bit messy (my bad).. But still quite cute. When I say these were done in a rush,… Continue reading

BBC Sherlock Holmes

Request for nails inspired by the BBC Sherlock series. It took me forever to decide how to do these, choosing between the iconic images of the series but the ones I settled on… Continue reading

Lizard Eyes

These nails just make me think of Lizard scale patterns (hence the name)… These are about as basic as it gets, You can paint all ten nails start to finish in less than… Continue reading

POW Pop Art

This is the second pop-art cartoon-feel style nails I’ve done, again as a request! The photo isn’t brilliant but the tri-coloured dot thingies look really amazing, and took me less than 10 mins… Continue reading


Another request! These nails look cute enough to eat, loving them!   🙂

Funky Tips

These are kind of a mix of french tips and half moon with a cartoon feel. They look pretty cool and I’m loving them!

Spots vs Stripes

My sisters nails again! These are beyond easy and are perfect for summer!

Beetlejuice Tribal

Tribal is still really in right now, and there are so many ways to play with this trend! Here’s another one for you…

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