Just been playing around with cute animals, hopefully you can tell what they are?! If not here you go: Hippo, Pig, Frog and Teddy Bear! My favorite is the Hippo I think, so sweet.. Advertisements

Effie Trinket

So I’m so excited so see the Hunger Games! China Glaze have recently released their Capitol Colors collection – each polish based on a district – and with that has been a huge… Continue reading

Geometric Shapes

So this one is just a combination of taping off sections and painting areas in one of 2 colors, looks very cool!(Might not be the best picture, but the colors do work really… Continue reading


For some reason these always look like mini envelopes to me! Sorry for the awful picture, don’t know what quite happened here.. Anyway, this one is really simple to do and looks pretty… Continue reading

Art Deco

So the Beauty Department did a gorgeous tutorial a while back on Art Deco Inspired nails, here I’ve done something very similar but with some funky bright colors! Actually looks really good, and… Continue reading


Ahoy! Get all pirate-y with this awesome design! This was done with nail pens, I imagine you could have a good go at it with a very thin paintbrush too…

Funky Dots

I ❤ this one, its so simple yet looks fab!

Nail Evolutions

Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to properly do our nails (*gasp*), so this is one way to cheat. The idea is that you paint each stage, and when it chips or… Continue reading

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