31 Day Challenge

Well first of I can’t believe its over! Me (and my nails) are knackered, its hard work coming up with soo many designs! Overall, the whole thing has taken me 38 days. I’m actually quite annoyed about that – I was on track with a post a day but then came the huge nail breaking disaster… (Causing me to have a week off!)

Would I recommend it? To people starting out as Nail Art bloggers, definitely. It fills up your site, gives you the opportunity to try a bit of everything and refines your techniques. The guidelines of inspiration can be really annoying sometimes, but keep trying to come up with original ideas as much as possible. Fair warning, if you’re gonna try the post a day thing, be prepared! It gets tough…

I really feel doing the challenge has improved me as a Nail Artist. I’ve gotten to try out so many new techniques, and have had great practice experimenting with colors and patterns. I also think I’m slightly neater and better at the photographing part, but that might just be in my head.. (Also, it’s added 31 manicures to my site, which is feeling a lot fuller now!). A huge thanks to everyone who’s viewed/liked/commented on the manis, I appreciate it and hoped you’ve like what I’ve been up to!









Shout out to my sister, for helping me plan ahead coming up with ideas  x