Spots vs Stripes

My sisters nails again! These are beyond easy and are perfect for summer!

There are several ways you can do patterns like this:

  • Use a nail pen. Many stores (e.g. Topshop, Claires, River Island e.t.c.) sell them now
  • Use a polish with a striping brush (these is the really long really thin brush you sometimes see)
  • Use a tiny paintbrush
  • Take a dotting tool / tip of a pencil / end of a paper clip , dip it in a bit of polish and paint it on
  • The stripes can be done by using striping tape to section off lines and painting the rest
  • The patterns can be stamped on using a stamping plate (e.g. Konad e.t.c.)

A point to remember: Wait for the pattern to partly dry before topcoating, else you risk dragging the paint



For a twist on this, make it a half moon mani!