POW Pop Art

This is the second pop-art cartoon-feel style nails I’ve done, again as a request! The photo isn’t brilliant but the tri-coloured dot thingies look really amazing, and took me less than 10 mins in total so definitely worth a try!

I can’t find any reference pictures of the effect I was going for but it’s the one with the red/yellow/blue overlapping dots on the white background. From a distance they all merge together with a pixelated look which is pretty cool…

  • Paint all nails white or a white-ish colour
  • Unscrew the lids from a red/yellow/blue polish. If the polishes are slightly translucent then its even better
  • Dab some of the first polish on a scrap of paper/card and collect some with a dotting tool
  • (If you have no dotting tool either make one -demonstrated here- or use the end of a pencil)
  • Dot your nails in a uniform pattern
  • Repeat with the other colours but slightly off so the dots are overlapping
  • If you want use a nail pen/paintbrush to add in a POW, BAM, WHAM, POP e.t.c. on the thumb
  • Wait a minute before topcoating so you don’t drag the design

Here are my previous POW nails;