Funky Tips

These are kind of a mix of french tips and half moon with a cartoon feel. They look pretty cool and I’m loving them!

So after wearing plain nude nails for a day, I felt the need to awesome them up!

  • Paint the nails nude, then choose three extra colours
  • You start by paint the colour furthest from the tip. If you need the guide, place a hole reinforcer 1/3 of the way down the nail and paint the remaining 2/3 of the nail the first colours. Use Seche Vite topcoat if you have any, else wait till that layer is dry
  • Next place another hole reinforcer (if you need them for neatness) 2/3 of the way down the nail, and paint the tip in the second colour
  • Last paint in the lines ontop, using either a striping brush, a nail pen or a tiny paintbrush (you could even use a sharpie and draw it in as long as you topcoat!)
  • Tip: Be careful with your topcoat, you don’t want to drag the design