Green Swirly Things

I’m not quite sure what to call these, they are swirly decal patterns with a green-silver gradient background. Very different, quite cool and not as hard as you might think…

You will need:

  • Two main polishes, one coloured and one with a bit of shimmer
  • A nude/pink polish (for the base)
  • A set of water decals. I get mine from a website called Viva La Nails at £1.95/$3 (they ship internationally too!)
  • A tiny amount of water
  • A tiny scrap of makeup sponge / memory foam (or something similar)

How to:

  • Paint all nails in the nude/pink polish – this will be the base for the sponge gradient technique so make sure it’s even and opaque
  • Take the make up sponge and dampen it slightly (this stops it absorbing as much polish)
  • Paint onto the sponge a stripe of both polishes next to each other
  • Dab the sponge up and down a few times onto the nail, transferring and blending the polish (repeat to build colours)
  • Topcoat all nails once done
  • Take the water decals, cut to size and remove the clear protective layer
  • One by one, place in water, wait about 5 seconds then slide off the design and place on the nail
  • Be very gentle with the decal but try to smooth out any creases. Wait a minute then topcoat to protect



Pretty awesome! Having the sparkle in the background of the decal adds that extra touch, why not give it a try? 🙂