I will admit, these were done in a bit of a rush and are a little bit messy (my bad).. But still quite cute. When I say these were done in a rush, I mean in about 5 minutes as these are so simple. If you wanted them perfect, I’d guesstimate it’d take maybe 10 minutes?

Very very simple:

  • Paint all but one nail green
  • Take a light green. Dip into it a tiny paintbrush (or an improvised one), and paint on the leaf pattern
  • Paint that last nail red
  • If you need the guide, use a hole reinforcer to section of the tip of the nail and paint in black
  • Use a paintbrush/steady hand with normal polish brush to draw a line down the middle
  • Use a dotting tool to dot your little ladybug
  • If you want, use a white polish to add tiny eyes

That’s all there is to it! I’m betting most people can do designs neater than this, I’m surprised I’m actually putting this photo up its that messy to me!

Here are some ones way cuter than mine!