So, to tell you the truth I’m not really going to be posting anything for a while.. What can I say? I’ve got sooo much university work, as well as a  job and… Continue reading


Huge apologies for my little hiatus, I’ve been so busy lately moving from home to university and     *wait for it*     developing my own product: NailDays Decal Packs!!   These are… Continue reading

Half Moon

The height of classy yet cool nails, these would rock any workplace!


I’m back! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been having a fabulous time on holiday in Norfolk and Chester Now, back to the nails… These are really simple, quite cartoony and mega cute bows on nails.… Continue reading

Neon Tips Splatter

These were inspired from a design by Work/Play/Polish, which was simply nude nails with neon orange tips. However the blacklight- photo made it look like the nails came with a cool purple gradient,… Continue reading

Olympic Leopard Splodges

So this was just a mega fast leopard print using the 2012 Olympic logo colours


Here are the nails I’m rocking for the London 2012 Olympics! Very simple, very easy and instantly recognizable :)

The Lorax

So I’m not a huge fan of Dr Seuss but the new movie (The Lorax) is out in the UK in a couple of days and these are just so darn cute!

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