So, to tell you the truth I’m not really going to be posting anything for a while.. What can I say? I’ve got sooo much university work, as well as a  job and… Continue reading


Huge apologies for my little hiatus, I’ve been so busy lately moving from home to university and     *wait for it*     developing my own product: NailDays Decal Packs!!   These are… Continue reading

Half Moon

The height of classy yet cool nails, these would rock any workplace!


I’m back! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been having a fabulous time on holiday in Norfolk and Chester 🙂 Now, back to the nails… These are really simple, quite cartoony and mega cute bows on… Continue reading

Neon Tips Splatter

These were inspired from a design by Work/Play/Polish, which was simply nude nails with neon orange tips. However the blacklight- photo made it look like the nails came with a cool purple gradient,… Continue reading

Olympic Leopard Splodges

So this was just a mega fast leopard print using the 2012 Olympic logo colours 🙂


Here are the nails I’m rocking for the London 2012 Olympics! Very simple, very easy and instantly recognizable 🙂

The Lorax

So I’m not a huge fan of Dr Seuss but the new movie (The Lorax) is out in the UK in a couple of days and these are just so darn cute!

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