Bursts of colour

This one is for if you’re feeling a bit messy/creative/what the hell nails! Depending on which pattern you choose its so simple, you just need 4-6 colored nail polishes (can be neon brights,… Continue reading

Easter Stripes

Bit of an Easter-colored, stripey design going on here… This is my right hand (the tricky one), the left hand is all lines. Be warned, this one takes patience…

Pastel Half-Moons

This is quite similar to my Chevron nails, mixed in with a larger half-moon manicure. Pastels are very in at the moment, whilst the glitter keeps it fun and intresting…

Sparkly Mermaid

Quite a sweet and simple design, just 2 shades and a glitter topcoat. I love having the ring finger a different shade to the others!


So this is a really cute way to have multi-coloured nails with that extra touch, and it’s not that hard to do! (Plus, the colour scheme is so pretty, and is in many… Continue reading

Tuxedo Nails

My my, what smart nails you have!     This takes some time, but isn’t overly complicated – give it a go! So as we all know, Zooey Deschanel rocked the Golden Globes… Continue reading

A bit of everything…

This one was done quite a while ago, with my nail art pens. I find with picture-nail art having a base coat in a very light, natural looking pink always works best. As for how… Continue reading

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