Another request! These nails look cute enough to eat, loving them!   🙂

  • Start off painting all nails a really natural colour (you can skip this step but it gives a nice even background)
  • Choose a cupcake coloured polish. This could be a nude, a light pink or a light yellow. Paint almost a half-moon nail, with the semi circle starting about 1/4 of the nail away from the cuticle. Wait for this to completely dry
  • How you get the zig-zag is up to you. You can cut the shape from tape and use that, you can freehand it or you can cut the pattern from paper and use it as almost a stencil (I did this last version). Either way, paint from the zig-zag down to the tip in a series of cute pastel colours
  • Use a dotting tool/tip of a pencil dipped in polish to add bright yellow cherries (alternatively freehand mini sprinkles)
  • Use a paintbursh or similar to draw in tiny lines in slightly darker shades. If you don’t have the polishes for this, on a scrap of paper mix the first colour with white and use that for highlights
  • Topcoat and admire!

Adorable! For your references, here are some other cupcake nails;