Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones = Pretty Awesome.       My skills at drawing animals = Not so much… As you probably can’t tell, these are supposed to be the simplified house sigils for houses… Continue reading

London Skyline

So I’m visiting one of my best mates up in London, and thought I’d do some themed nails..


So one of my best friends loves Shakespeare and requested these. It gave me a great opportunity to try out my new equipment for homemade nail decals!

Lion King

So these nails are roughly inspired by the Lion King and you only need a roughly steady hand to do them 🙂

Flower Stickers

For slightly longer lasting nails I sometimes like to go for nail stickers – they chip a bit but the business of the design means that it can be slightly hard to notice..

5 Minute Nails

I’ve done techniques that are pretty fast before, but these nails went from 0 to dry in literally 5 minutes whilst getting ready to go out..

Watercolour Effect

Here I’ve just been playing around with a new technique – mixing in nail polish remover for a watercolour-style effect..


Just quite a simple, quick and fun design using 4 brights and 1 neutral polish. You can do this with a dotting tool, striping brush, tiny paintbrush, nail pen or even the tip… Continue reading

Millies Cookies

I’m not certain if Millies Cookies is just in the UK or international, but for those not aware they do some of the best cookies EVER. Seriously. This is just a quick stripy… Continue reading

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