Beetlejuice Tribal

Tribal is still really in right now, and there are so many ways to play with this trend! Here’s another one for you…

How To:

  • So this is working with my new set of polishes which I played around with here, so pretty!
  • Choose three polishes. I went with ones which have a really nice shimmery/chrome finish, which contrast well with the white
  • Dab on the polishes in a random/chaotic way. Doesn’t have to be too neat, just blob it on and wait to dry
  • When the colours are dry, you need to ‘plan out’ your design.. Either find a picture you want to copy or quickly draw it out
  • I used a nail pen for the next bit, but you can try with a paintbrush/pencil dipped in polish e.t.c.
  • Paint on your design. Always start with the vertical lines straight down the nail, then add in the dots/zigzags
  • Wait a couple of minutes before topcoating so you don’t drag the design

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been doing load of tribal lately! For more of the trend, check out my other tribal designs: Lilac, Zulu, Lines