So this is a really cute way to have multi-coloured nails with that extra touch, and it’s not that hard to do!

(Plus, the colour scheme is so pretty, and is in many collections atm!)

How to:

  •  Start of with a base coat in a nude-color, wait for it to dry completely
  • Take a small piece of Scotch Tape (or any tape that is not overly sticky), and cut so it has a right-angled corner
  • Place the tape over the base of your nail, try not to stick it down too hard
  • Now paint the tip of your nail prettily and remove the tape
  • Repeat for your other nails, finish with topcoat

This technique will work with loads of different color schemes so play around! Also think it would be quite interesting if the tips were in Matt? If anyone is feeling experimental then try this with multiple chevrons, just repeat the taping/painting process!