Pastel Half-Moons

This is quite similar to my Chevron nails, mixed in with a larger half-moon manicure.

Pastels are very in at the moment, whilst the glitter keeps it fun and intresting…

So for this one, follow these steps:

  • Paint all nails in a nude-base coat, wait patiently for it to dry
  • Get some Hole Reinforcers, or any circular stickers, and place them halfway down the nail
  • Paint the tips of the nails, each in a different color
  • Remove the sticker, (OPTIONAL – add a coat of sparkly glitter polish), and topcoat!

The nude basecoat not only lengthens the nail appearance but ties all the colors used together. This would also be interesting using different shades of the same color, or using a matt topcoat on the tips…