Easter Stripes

Bit of an Easter-colored, stripey design going on here… This is my right hand (the tricky one), the left hand is all lines.

Be warned, this one takes patience…

So this one was quite hard to do, (majour patience required!). The opposite hand is all stripes (see below)

  • So, start off by painting all nails a base colour, I went for a very light pastel/mint green
  • On a scrap of paper draw out your design (trust me, this is important)
  • Start painting on the stripes. If you’ve got nails pens, great, if not you could attempt this with a paintbrush
  • Go SLOW and steady, try and keep them straight and an even width
  • On the other hand (the tricky one), go for a couple of stripy fingers if your brave but paint the rest in the color scheme used

This design was adapted from one used by Hey, Nice Nails, who did a gorgeous pattern using white/red/blue/black, which shows just how much of a difference the color scheme makes. (There’s was a bit neater than mine too..)

A simplified stripe pattern using OPI Skull & Glossbones as a base color with Nubar Boyfriend Jeans, Jade Black, and Zoya America as the stripes.