Tuxedo Nails

My my, what smart nails you have!     This takes some time, but isn’t overly complicated – give it a go!

So as we all know, Zooey Deschanel rocked the Golden Globes with her tux nails, this is my take on that…

The main difference between mine and Zooey’s is the background, whilst she went for the classic white (which seems to shorten the nails abit?), I went for my favorite pale pink under the nail pens. If you don’t have nail pens, try it this way:

  • Paint the base coat in light pink
  • Pour a tiny amount of dark nail paint onto a suitable surface, then dip in it the bottom of a pen/paintbrush/dotting tool
  • Do three dots in a row at the top   .  .  .
  • Then build the shape into a bow tie   >  .  <
  • Paint in the tip of the nails, either freehand (with skill), or by sectioning of the tip using Hole Reinforcers (lifesavers!)
  • Finally use your improvised dotting tool to add tiny buttons (3 makes your nail look nice and long), and finish with a top coat!