Bursts of colour

This one is for if you’re feeling a bit messy/creative/what the hell nails! Depending on which pattern you choose its so simple, you just need 4-6 colored nail polishes (can be neon brights, summer colors, pastels), and another polish in black, white, nude or silver…

Whatever design you want to end up with, the first step is simple.

  • Take your colors, and just splodge them on the nail. Any pattern you like, as messy as you like (as long as its still on the nail!)

  • Once they are dry, decorate on top! I’ve done 4 different patterns for you to compare:

Stripes – A couple of ways to do this; either use a nail pen/stripper to draw in lines or tape of sections and fill in

Dots – Use a dotting tool to dab on dots. If you don’t have a dotting tool, use the end on a pencil/paintbrush/biro, or make you’re own via this tutorial from the Beauty Department, it works surprisingly well!

Lines – Just tape of lines and paint the rest in. Here I used a nude polish, though I think it would work better with a white or silver… Be warned that lighter colors on top will generally require more coats to hide the color underneath

Crackle – The easiest of all, 1 coat of crackle polish. This is soo simple yet looks amazing!

Pshiiit demonstrates the lines version beautifully below, it looks really effective!