Mini Eggs

EASTER is almost here! I honestly love this design. And not just because I got to eat the entire tube of eggs as ‘research’. The thumb is very tricky to do (as you can see mine isn’t perfect), but as long as you have the right colors people recognize the logo from quite a distance. And the ‘eggs’ themselves are soo easy!

Two parts to this one, the eggs and the thumb. I strongly suggest buying a pack of Mini Eggs (as reference only of course!). Lets start easy:

  • Find 4 pastel colors as close a match to the egg shade as possible – pink, purple, yellow and a white/pale mint green
  • Paint your nails accordingly
  • Take some brown paint and pour a tiny amount onto any old surface (shiny is better so it doesn’t sink it)
  • Take part of a sponge – cut some of a cheapo washing up sponge, and dab it in the brown (practice on paper to get the right thickness)
  • Splodge the freckles onto the nails – I used two shades of brown but it’s up to you


  • Paint it yellow
  • Use a nail pen, dotter or paintbrush to write in the text. Be patient, and have the reference on hand

Can’t wait to try these with all sort of sweet logos!