For some reason these always look like mini envelopes to me! Sorry for the awful picture, don’t know what quite happened here.. Anyway, this one is really simple to do and looks pretty quirky, a fab way to do clashing nails!

This design can produce wildly different effects depending on what colours you go for, so choose wisely!

  • Start off by painting color A onto your thumb, middle finger and pinky, then paint the others in color B
  • Wait for them to try, then cut some sellotape into right angles – the less sticky the better here, if yours is too strong then stick it to / pull off your skin a couple of times
  • Place the tape over the end of your nail, and paint the rest in the other color
  • Generally with nail polish remove the tape fairly quickly after painting to avoid pulling up the paint
  • Cleanup the edges, topcoat and admire


A good point actually, I haven’t mentioned edge clean up. ALWAYS do this, unless you are the neatest person in existence, it can literally make/break a mani! Just dip a paintbrush in nail polish remover and go around the edges where you’ve ‘gone over the lines’. If you still want reference, the Beauty Department has this covered  –  Fixer Upper


Anyways, my inspiration for this one was from Pshiit, who used a quite intresting yet effective color combo: