Art Deco

So the Beauty Department did a gorgeous tutorial a while back on Art Deco Inspired nails, here I’ve done something very similar but with some funky bright colors! Actually looks really good, and is not that hard to do (just need a steady hand and a paintbrush)

There’s two ‘tricky parts’ in this one, first is getting the curves right and second is just making sure the previous coats done shine though. The way past these issues is to used a curved brush, and either thicker polish of a couple of layers of polish. TBH, the Beauty Department explains this so well in pictures I’m not even going to bother, here you go:

They managed to get three curves onto each nail, I only got two – maybe it’s in the size of the paintbrush… Anyways, this does look very cool so try it out, play around with pastel colors for summer and let me know how you get on 🙂