Effie Trinket

So I’m so excited so see the Hunger Games! China Glaze have recently released their Capitol Colors collection – each polish based on a district – and with that has been a huge swarm in Nail art in three ways; 1. Using the Capitol Colours, 2. Painting the HG symbol onto nails, and 3. Effie Trinket nails. The last is what this is based on, basically a character from the movie had pretty epic nails, and this is my version in alternate colors… The best thing is that they are soo easy to do!

This is wonderfully simple;

  • Paint all your nails one color. Effie had pink, I went for turquoise
  • Find a glitter polish and take a sponge (small washing up sponge, make up sponge, old pair of tights e.t.c.)
  • Dab a small amount of polish onto your sponge and dab that onto the nail – You are going for a gradient effect here so work in layers, starting lightly at the top and building up the glitter towards the tip of the nail
  • If you’ve got one, put one layer of a light glitter top-coat over it all
  • Finish with top coat for glossyness (Mine looks as grainy as it does because I have literally no topcoat left…)

Couldn’t be easier! And can be used repeatedly because each color combination gives a different look!

For your reference, here’s cutepolish’s version, which is in the original color scheme:

May the odds be ever in your favor!