Nail Evolutions

Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to properly do our nails (*gasp*), so this is one way to cheat. The idea is that you paint each stage, and when it chips or (more likely) you get bored, just add another layer to change the look! This is my version, the stages are described after the jump ūüôā

The key to nail evolutions is all in your ‘extras’ – these are things like glitter polishes, matt topcoats and crackles, anything that is used in layering… Plan ahead to make sure your base color will go with all the extras you are going to use. This is such a nice technique as you only have to paint on one coat for a¬†completely¬†different¬†look, so it can be done on the go!

Stage 1

  • This is just a single color manicure, remember that with really dark colors you need to be really¬†neat and clean
  • Go for a color with a bit of glitter or sparkle in it, just a hint
  • Here I used Leighton Denny ‘No Comment’, its a really dark color, might look black from a distance but has a nice faint purple/red sparkle

Stage 2:

  • First go back to your base color and just scoot over any chips, neatly as possible
  • Now go over all your nails with a glitter coat, one with large flakes within a clear coat works best, but play around and see what happens
  • Make sure your topcoat gives a really glossy finish

Stage 3

  • This is my¬†favorite, all you do is add a Matt topcoat
  • The glitter still shines through but the whole thing looks¬†completely¬†different¬†to before
  • And an added bonus is that the Matt topcoat dries really fast, perfect on the go!


Stage 4

  • Again this fully changes the look, just add a crackle polish
  • I used silver here, but with the colors I went for a gold would work just as well..


At this point, you can try to keep going. I can suggest another Matt topcoat ontop of the crackle, or maybe taping off sections and painting the rest? But like me you are probably bored of the colour by now, time for a change!


The idea for this came from a post by – it may be in french but they do some¬†gorgeous¬†designs! Here is their L’evolution d’une manucure un Dimanche tutorial (its got a space theme!)