So one of my best friends loves Shakespeare and requested these. It gave me a great opportunity to try out my new equipment for homemade nail decals!

How To:

  • Paint all nails grey
  • Use a washing up sponge to add touches of purple, then a tiny bit of metallicy white – this gives it a metallic texturised feel
  • Topcoat
  • One by one, cut the decals to size
  • Place a decal in water for maybe 10 seconds (it recommends 30 but its really up to you)
  • Slide off the decal and press onto nail (you’ve got a >30 second gap to adjust positioning)
  • Roll out any air bubbles, wait a minute then topcoat – especially the edges
  • Use nail scissors / a nail file to trim the overlap

As for the icons, I just types Shakespeare into google images, scrolled down like 50 pages and picked the most iconic symbols I could think of..


As I mentioned, I made these decals myself! How? Well I researched the technique, and found out you need 2 things;

  • Water slide decal paper
  • A setting spray

I really really wanted to do this so I ordered these especially, from this website. It was a little pricey in the end, but it means that I can now make my own decals! This means I can have literally anything on my nails now, any photo, any graphic, and text anything! (Yay!)