Flower Stickers

For slightly longer lasting nails I sometimes like to go for nail stickers – they chip a bit but the business of the design means that it can be slightly hard to notice..

  • Start with nice clean, natural nails
  • I like to paint on a basecoat just to protect the nail
  • Take your nail stickers. Most sticker sets will come with 14/16 ‘pre-cut’ nails – however the thumb stickers are often sooo big you can cut them in half, meaning you can get two full sets of nails out of one sticker set
  • Cut the stickers down to size (the pre-cut shapes NEVER fit my nails!)
  • One by one, apply each sticker to each nail
  • Many sticker sets suggest filing off the excess, but I find that can pull + chip the design so I cut it, up to you…
  • Try to roll out any creases, you don’t want trapped air
  • Some things suggest using hairdryers, IΒ haven’tΒ found any major effects with this but you might as well
  • I like to add a topcoat, especially around the edges



As for brand, these were from Accessorize, but I’ve used wraps from cheaper places and have found them to work just as well…