Getting a new set of shimmer polishes and wanting to wear all of them at once? The glitter gradient is quite a tricky thing to master but is so worth it with these pearlescent chrome-finish polishes!

First off, here is the nice new set I just got (so pretty)! The green has little gold flecks with a strong chrome-like finish, the purple has hints of pink and gold in and the pink had a ultra-violet-like undertone.

How To:

  • Start by painting the thumb, middle finger and little finger each one of the colours
  • Paint the remaining to fingers a nude basecoat
  • We are going to use the ombre-style technique shown here and here, so take a make-up sponge and dampen it
  • Dab two of the polishes next to each other on the sponge
  • Stamp the sponge onto the nail. Dab it about a bit to blend the colours down the center, but not too much
  • Repeat this process a few times to build up the colour
  • Very carefully paint tiny amounts of the polishes on either side of the nail. There should now be a bold gradient going across the nail (this can take some practise to get it right)
  • Repeat with the other finger and topcoat


It is a bit tricky getting a gradient that is both smooth and strong in colour/glitteryness, but it looks so good when finished!