Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s makes just about the best ice cream ever. It’s seriously awesome, and true fans should recognise the brand from these nails, which are suprisingly easy to try!

How To:

  • Paint all nails but one a nice B&J blue, and paint the last nail white
  • Create black splodges for the cow print effect. This can be done using nail pens, using a paintbrush/tip of a pencil/dotting to dab on some black paint or even drawing on the splodges with a sharpie
  • Tip the blue fingers in a line of yellow then green, then use any technique to create clouds
  • Use nail pens or a paintbrush to draw on the icecream, and outline in black (polish or pen)
  • Topcoat (especially if you used a pen)

Even if you don’t love B&J that much, the clouds would make for a fun summer set of nails!

The Lacquer Boudoir has done a very similar and awesome design 🙂

So, whats your favourite flavour? Any other brands you’d like me to try out?