Lilac Tribal

I’ve been thinking it’s time for another tribal design, in a more pastel colour scheme. If you’ve got a nail pen, these are surprisingly easy (on the good hand at least!), if not they are still doable, just a tiny bit more tricky…

The How To is written assuming you are using a nail pen, this can also be done with polish and a tiny paintbrush, or even by dipping the tip of a pencil into a dot of polish and drawing it on..

  • Paint all nails a base colour. If I were going to do these again I’d go for a mix of pastels as a base
  • Wait for base to dry, this way you won’t smudge it when working on the tribalness
  • Work a nail at a time
  • Start off by painting the vertical lines straight down the nail. Have a picture or drawing of the pattern on each nail as a guide
  • After drawing the lines, add a zigzag, a row of dots and a shaded area on each nail
  • Tip for painting the weaker hand: Use lines of striping tape as guides for the vertical parts, and go insanely slow 🙂
  • Topcoat (being careful not to smudge the design) and admire

If you wanted to spice it up more, why not sponge on multicoloured or gradient effects for the base coat, or use a variety of colours in the actual pattern?

The shapes of the tribal pattern were inspired by this gorgeous mani by NailSide: