Ideas for Shorter Nails

So my nails are what I would call ‘medium length’ – about 1/2mm overlapping the finger, but I know alot of people have shorter nails that they struggle to do nail art on. These are some really simplistic, fast and easy to do ideas all of which should (theoretically) lengthen nails…

First I want to point out that everyone always say half moon manicures ‘lengthen nails’. Personally, I kinda disagree with this, and I’m going off the half moon mani at the moment anyway so here are some made up thing – let me know if you try them out!

From my research, theres conflicting opinions on whether dark or light colours lengthen nails.. I would say on the pale end go for nudes more than light pinks, and go for funky brights rather than serious darks… I personally would avoid french manicures, which draw attention to where your nails end. Also, shimmer is good, but full on glitter draws attention to the shortness.

Finally on general advice, always leave slight borders around the sides of you nail – paint a thinner area than the nail actually is!

1. Diagonal Stripes

– Overall I’m avoiding just vertical stripes (to obvious), so these are designed to draw attention to a diagonal line rather than your actual nail dimensions. Don’t go any more horizontal with the angle than I have.. (Paint base layer, wait to dry, add two x striping tape, paint top layer, remove tape, topcoat)

2. Block Highlight

– These are good for shorter nailed people! The idea is to freehand do 1 swift stripe of a much lighter colour, to the side of the nail (not down the center). You want it to be purpose it is intentional, and leave some of the bottom colour showing either side. This mimics when you have light reflections on uber-shiny polish, and lengthens out the appearance.

3. Almost vertical lines

– Whilst just 3 vertical stripes would make it easy to judge width and length of nails, having the outside two lines at an angle mixes it up, yet the middle stripes lengthens the nail. Keep the stripes really thin here…

4. Blob

– Not sure if this would work or not, but let me know! Paint nail then do one swift bold stoke of an accent colour done the center… Avoid doing a nude base coat (the grey I went for is a bit dangerous here), else it’ll look like you’ve got tiny nails!

The colour scheme I went for here was from my new Leighton Denny Spring into Summer set, but obviously have a play round!

Did this lengthen your nails? Do you have any tips not mentioned here? Let me know below 🙂

This one was on request of KeepingUpWithTheKelly (sorry it took me so long!), got any requests yourself?