Feeling the Purple

So right now I’m in quite a purple mood, and have gone for a dead simple purple sponge mani. You literally need two polishes and a tiny bit of washing up sponge to give it a go…

This is so easy it feels like cheating…

  • Paint all nails one colour (obviously I painted all but my accent ring finger the light purple)
  • Take a washing up sponge, and paint a small bit of polish directly onto it (not too much polish, you can always add more remember!)
  • Dab sponge on your nail, building it up at the base
  • Topcoat 🙂

If anyone is wondering, my accent finger (and sponging) is in Leighton Denny, Maroon Me Knot – a very funky colour, perfect for sunny days!

It’s that easy! To notch it up a level why not sponge on two different colours, or even more? Let me know what you get up to 🙂