Acid Pink

These are FUNKY! There just so cool, with the jagged hot pink tips! And dead easy to do…

So these don’t have that much to do with acid, name just seemed appropriate.. Would work brilliantly with any neon colour.

  • Paint all pales a thin coat of the more natural-nail colour you can find
  • Wait for them to fully dry (use seche vite if possible)
  • Cut out loads of tiny triangles from scotch tape (stick to your hand first if it’s too sticky for nails)
  • Place at the base of your nail pointing down, overlapping
  • Paint tip in a bright colour
  • Remove all tape from nail at once if possible (especiallyย when they are overlapping!)
  • Topcoat and ROCK IT!

The idea here came from nailside, who did a slightly more sophisticated (work-appropriate?) nude + blue ‘crown’ version: