Lines 2

With it being exam time I just wanted a really simple classic and fast design to do on my nails, so I used up the rest of my water decals  in this fab nude and black design, perfect for any workplace! So smart + chic!

These look awesome, they really do! I used exactly the same water decal method as my last line post, so here it is;

How to:

  • Paint all your nails a nice nude colour
  • Cut the water decals down to nail size
  • IMPORTANT – take off the protective film from the water decals (if you forget this, they become wasted)
  • One by one, place the decal in a bit of water, wait about 5 seconds and fish it out
  • Gently take the patterned part of the decal and place on the nail
  • Smooth out with your thumb, removing air bubbles but not stretching the design
  • Topcoat, especially the edges :)

There the same decals I used last time = 20 nails from 1 pack is very good value! I doubt you could do it with much longer fake nails or anything but for normal nails you’ve got enough if you cut the thumb decals in half…  Water Decals from Viva La Nails = £1.95/$3 (international shipping).

Here’s my earlier version:

I love that you can complete do these decals with ANY background you want, letting you completely customize them!