I’m in love with this one 🙂 It’s kinda a pastel multicoloured cloud pattern, with sharp black lines ontop for contrast = awesome

So this was done using Water Decals from Viva La Nails (international shipping and very cheap!). I love that you can complete do these decals with ANY background you want, letting you completely customize them!

How to:

  • Paint all your nails an opaque base coat in a neutral colour
  • Take a make up sponge, dip it in water and squeeze it out slightly
  • Choose around 4 coloured polish, and just add a couple of small dabs of each to the sponge
  • Dab the sponge up and down on a nail a few times (the more you dab, the more blended a design you’ll get)
  • Repeat with all the other nails, wait roughly to dry
  • Cut the water decals down to nail size
  • IMPORTANT – take off the protective film from the water decals (if you forget this, they become wasted)
  • One by one, place the decal in a bit of water, wait about 5 seconds and fish it out
  • Gently take the patterned part of the decal and place on the nail
  • Smooth out with your thumb, removing air bubbles but not stretching the design
  • Topcoat, especially the edges 🙂


I’m loving decals right now! I know that not everyone has them, but I guess you could give it a go freehand (brave if you do…)