Cath Kidston (sort of)

So I love Cath Kidston stuff, it’s just so pretty! This is my second set of nails based on her designs – these are slightly cheating as they are just stickers, but such a cute design!

Note: These aren’t official Kidston nail stickers (which would be awesome), just a very similar pattern!

Once I saw them in the store I knew I had to get them! As they are just stickers theres not that much for me to say…

Tips on applying stickers:

  • You are infinitely lucky if the pre-cut shapes actually fit our nail, most people need to cut them down (neatly)
  • Try to use a base coat underneath, just ‘cus
  • Try to neaten out any air bubbles, you hear so many horror stories about bacteria + mold…
  • When the sticker is on your nail, use tiny scissors to cut down the overlap as much as possible
  • You generally do need to file the last 1mm off, but be careful here – filing risks pulling the edge of the sticker (not cool)
  • Still use a topcoat. 1 because it gives you extra gloss, and 2 because it can help seal the edges of the sticker which is good
  • Stickers can be topped up using a similarlycolored polish!
  • Be choicy when buying stickers. For example, some stickers out there have ridiculously simple patterns which you can do yourself – why waste money?


As I said earlier, these are my second set, heres my first (handpainted);