Inside the Nail Box…

I don’t know about you, but in a weird way I love seeing other people’s nail polish collections + storage solutions – so here is the first look inside my big pink box…

The Box: Untill a month ago, my polishes were kept in a tiny (and I mean tiny) box, with a huge pile of all other stuff (e.g. remover, cotton wool) just around it. So for my birthday I asked for an epic storage box and got one! This actually has four layers – haven’t quite filled it yet – and is a full on technician’s box! I feel so professional!

Layer 1: Had to be the tallest layer because otherwise OPI and Leighton Denny bottles won’t fit in. Am quite glad as this still has a little more space in for new purchases! Inside the layer the polishes are in rainbow order, making them slightly easier to find!

  • 105 polishes…. Wow.. Even I’m impressed!
  • Who knew I’d have so many browns and so few oranges/yellows/greens?!
  • I have 19 pinks.. Minimum, as the colors I’ve put as nudes are kinda half pink. Yet somehow I never seem to have the shade I’m looking for..
  • I swear, I’ve got 4 of the same shade of purple! I’m not even that into purple!
  • I’m quite proud of my black collection, there’s only actually 4 blacks but there’s true black, black with grey shimmer, Leighton Denny No Comment and my newest polish, Aztec black from Accessorize – gorgeous!
  • Topcoats: Most important being Miss Sporty UV topcoat for nights out, Nails Inc Caviar (fast drying) and of course Seche Vite! (Seche Vite is THE BEST topcoat ever if you are impatient like me!)
  • The best crackle polish I’ve come across is Barry M black crackle, second best goes to OPI silver. So much use out of these two!
  • My favorite colors? At the moment  Aztec black and  Pink Spice from Accessorize – amazing shades! 

Layer 2: This is for all the maintenance type things..

  • I have three polish removers, Leighton Denny Essential Remover is the best I’ve ever used but has a very strong smell!
  • Cotton wool pads = regular use, Cotton Swabs = getting off glitter (as they tear less)
  • Am saving for a proper nail file, until then using a combination of the two here
  • The sponges are for gradient type effects – I have both makeup sponges and washing up sponges
  • Appointments cards were free with every order from Viva La Nails, adorable!
  • The tablets are new, apparently brightening + whitening – something my poor nails need!
  • The mouse is my main manicure set, with clippers, tweezers, mini scissors e.t.c.   It’s 6 pieces and perfect!
  • Test sheets – bits of photo paper I use for comparing color combos – this won’t work on non-shiny materials (e.g. paper)

Layer 3: Everything else! This is where all the gems, stickers and sparkly things in general go. Also, I’ve got all my brushes + sticks, and then my non-polish things that are in polish bottles…

  • The dotting tools are a combination of real tool and pencils with a pin stick in the eraser end. Very useful!
  • For brushes, one tiny brush is useful, the rest I don’t use that much
  • The gel thing was given to me after my chipped nail problem a few weeks back, apparently its good for the nails…
  • Miracle Drops – the container is practically empty as I go though these really fast! Or used to anyway, now I’ve got Seche Vite!
  • Nail Glue, for split nails e.t.c. This stuff is worse than superglue, so used VERY carefully!
  • Clean up set is an ESSENTIAL part of anybody’s kit. literally polish remover + a brush, go round the edges after each manicure. Simple, yet effective!
  • Paper Cups are taken from fast food places e.t.c. (originally for sauces), just useful in general
  • Sticker sheets are supposed to be for card-making, got them at 50p each, bargain! Always root around craft stores
  • The caviar pearls, crushed shells, flowers and holo flakes are all from my new favorite store – Viva La Nails
  • I swear being a Nail Artist you just procure gems and shiny bits! I don’t really use gems that much though, they generally need to be in moderation to avoid tackness…
  • Hole reinforcers make for very easy half moon manis!

So that’s my set! Massive once its all laid out! Am quite proud of my collection, know it all off by heart!

Like I said at the start, I love seeing people’s versions of these, so people comment and link back to your own, I’d love to look around!