Zulu / Tribal Nails

So these are a bit tribal, a bit African and a bit ‘Zulu’ (whatever that is). The design is really simplistic, the colours quite bright and the whole thing done freehand so you can give it a go to!

  • Start off painting all nails one colour. I went for bright pink, you could try bright orange, maybe yellow e.t.c.
  • Take a black nail pen   /   sharpie   /   paintbrush/pencil loaded with polish and draw on the three chevrons
  • Get a blue nail pen  / paintbrush/pencil/dotting tool  loaded with polish and draw on some dots + lines
  • Now the same for the yellow stripes
  • Use a white to do one big stripe, then lots of little stirred
  • Add some black ontop of the white
  • Topcoat and admire
The idea behind this design came from Copy That, Copy Cat, who got it from SupaNails