Dried Flowers

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day31 – Redo Favorite Challenge – Flower Nails

I’ve finished!!!! The challenge is complete! I’ve enjoyed it, but at the same time am a little glad it’s over… Will do a separate post about the challenge itself, but the above design is a redo of the inspired by flowers day.

This is a bit of gradient with real dried flowers mixed in!

  • So the gradient part is done the same as these purple ones. Start by painting all nails a base color, something nude
  • Take a make up sponge, and dampen it slightly
  • Paint thin lines of 3/4 polishes onto the sponge
  • Dab the sponge on your nail a few times in roughly the same spot – this helps blend the colors
  • Put on a topcoat and clean up the edges
  • For the nails with the flowers on, add a layer of clear topcoat then use tweezers to place on the flower
  • Use more topcoat to seal in the flower onto the nail

The dried flower were from Viva La Nail, at £1.95 / $3 – bargain! They were supposed to be more white, but it worked in the end 🙂

viva la nails, europe's leading nail art superstore

The design I did for the original flower day of the challenge, were Cath Kidston style nails (pretty);

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was redoing floral nails, and that’s it! I’ll follow with a post about the actual challenge experience…