31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 30 – Nails Inspired by a Tutorial

So Caviar nails are still quite new, and I could not let the challenge pass without giving them a go! I recently got in an order from Viva La Nails, and these caviar beads are the smallest I’ve seen yet! (Small is good with caviar nails).

EDIT: Ok so I was just trying out a new trend, but looking round the Nail blogs (as you do) I discovered this post, detailing emails from Ciate (the major Caviar Nail Brand), going on about trademarks e.t.c. Whoa! Bit of an overreaction by Ciate? What do you think?

Viva La Nails has 8 different shades of ‘pearls’, I went for Spring Green as it was on special offer (I’m on a student’s budget!). A pot is £1.95/$3, so very affordable, and is a good size. Unfortunately, none of my polishes seemed to go with the green color, so I ended up having to use this slightly boring grey… I think that the multi coloured pearls from the Ciate collection would look fab on this grey!

viva la nails, europe's leading nail art superstore

How To:

  • Paint all nails your base color. From now on, go 1 nail at a time
  • Add a seconds layer of color (or a topocat), and add pearls whilst still wet. There’s two ways to add the pearls;
  • – Either sprinkle them on, like I did on my thumb (you can build up the intensity)
  • – Or dip the nail into a small pot of them, like I did on my ring finger (this gives a proper fish egg look)
  • Add a couple of layers of top oat to ensure they stay

Before I tried them, I know I had a few questions, so heres my answers:

Are they annoying?

– I think it depends on how you do it. The smaller the pearls you use, the less annoying they are to wear. Also, if you sprinkle them on, they can catch on stuff, but if you dip it in and fill in the nail then it’s more like a little nail shield

Can I DIY it?

– You can, but make sure you get the smallest pearls known to man, otherwise they will feel horrible!

Do they stay?

– As long as you add them to a wet coat of polish, and seal with top coat they should stick reasonably well. I had more issues with my thumb than ring finger on this matter

Are they annoying to take off?

– I didn’t think so. I held a varnish remover-soaked cotton wool pad on the nail for a few seconds, then gently pulled off. The ring fingers beads actually almost all came off as one

I’ve put this under tutorial partly because I couldn’t think where else to slot it into the challenge. So, heres Coles caviar nails tutorial:

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was nails inspired by a  tutorial, check back tomorrow for the last design…