Stars and Stripes

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 28 – Nails Inspired by a Flag

First off, I’m English, not American. I do like the Union Jack, but it’s been a bit overdone in NailArt and everywhere else recently. The next option was pirate flag (obviously), but a couple of other people did that for this day of the challenge, so I settled on the good old American flag.

 This one is all sweet and simple;

  • Paint red on three nails, blue on the other two (the blue I used here was actually magnetic, quite nice on its own)
  • Wait for two of the red to dry, (test the dryness by tapping the two nails together, there shouldn’t be any stickyness), then stick lines of striping tape or scotch tape on them. If you scotch tape is too sticky, stick + restick it to your hand a bit.
  • Paint white over the nails and remove the tape
  • Use a topcoat as glue for sticking on a little star

Oddly, most other nail artist try to create the whole flag on each nail… Anyways, here’s a couple more examples of flagness;

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was nails inspired by a flag, check back tomorrow for a supernatural-inspired design…