31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 27 – Nails Inspired by Artwork

Very simplified nails, based on Andy Warhol’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe

I’m not actually sure why I choose this piece, guess I’ve always liked pop art and loved the color combos going on here… Anyway, this was a bit make-it-up-as-you-go-along, but I’m liking it, very summery I think..

The how-to is a bit unneeded: paint nails abse colors, draw on top designs with a paintbrush, nailpen or tip of a pencil

I am LOVING the beauty spot nail, just seems a cool idea! Mustaches are just about still in now, but I’m hoping beauty spot are the next fad, will probably do a whole set based on this..

And now for a couple more art inspired nails: (Hover over from Artwork names, but you should be able to guess)

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was nails inspired by artwork, check back tomorrow for flag nails…