31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 26 – Nails Inspired by a Pattern

Swirls! Loving this pattern, done with stickers as I doubt I could successfully recreate it by hand!

Truth be told, these wern’t done with stickers, but with water decals. These are similar to the temporary tattoos you played with as a kid, you soak them in water then just place is on your nail. The great thing is that you can adjust position for about 30 seconds after, wheras with stickers once there on there on. Also, the whole thing cost me £1.95

How to:

  • Paint on your base colour. As it was my first time with these, I went for a plain pink, but as half the design is transparent I would suggest spicing it up – maybe an ombre effect, maybe a glitter polish with black designs?
  • Cut the stickers to you nail shape. From VivaLaNails, you get 14 in a set (ranging from large to small), but as my nails are small I needed only half the pack to do a full set, kepping the rest for another time!
  • One by one from now on:
  • Peel off the clear film from the decal. This is important – forget this and it won’t work at all and you’ll waste that bit
  • Place the decal in water, wait a few seconds
  • Take out the decal – this can be with your fingers as long as your careful. The design should easily come away from the blue paper
  • Position the design on your nail. Use your thumb to press it down to smoosh out any air bubbles
  • Wait about 30 seconds, then topcoat
  • If you’ve smooshed down the decal enough, any overlap usually peals away but otherwise cut or file away the rest
  • Repeat with all other nails!

Sounds complicated I know, but doing all my nails, start to finish, took me 20 minutes. Am so proud of my work, that for the first time ever here is a picture of my right hand!

The water decals came from a site called VivaLaNails, it was my first order and I was really pleased – they are really cheap with good customer service and very fast almost worldwide delivery, totally check it out. The site does all kinds of water decals, little images, just tips, full nails in black/white (£1.95/$3) or full color nails (2.95/$5), as well as loads of other supplies.

viva la nails, europe's leading nail art superstore

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was nails inspired by a  pattern, check back tomorrow for an artwork-y design…