Turquoise Cheetah

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 13 – Animal Print Nails

I’m always a little wary with animal print, it can look really amateurish, quite scary or just blobby unless your careful. But I really love these, I think there the perfect balance of fun and fashion-y. Plus, they are soo much easier than I ever thought they could be!

  • You are going to need a neutral, two browns and a bright/funky color – turquoise/pink/orange
  •  Paint both the thumb and ring finger your bright color. I used to only do the ring finger as the accent nail but recently found that doing both is much more effective
  • Paint the remaining nails a neutral
  • Drop a bit of the lighter brown onto a surface, then use either a dotting tool or the end of a pencil to blob on splodges randomly – look at my photo/other people’s designs as this is the ‘hardest part’
  • Drop some of the darker brown of the surface, and use the tip of the pencil to draw in squiggly and incomplete outlines – again look at the picture for reference
  • Wait a couple of mins before topcoating, you don’t want to pull/smudge your pattern!
I got the turquoise + cheetah idea off fingerpainted, I can’t believe just how well it goes:

I’m also suggesting to have a play with other prints, I’d try out zebra with hot pink accent nails 🙂

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was animal print nails, check back tomorrow for a flowery nails for one of my favorite designers…