Holiday Nails

I’m back! So I know these are really similar to both my previous Glitter Gradient nails, and Effie Trinket nails, but I needed a design to last me the holiday I’ve just got back from, and I love these! Hopefully, I’ll be back on the 31 day nail challenge starting tomorrow 🙂

My holiday was 4 days long, and there wouldn’t be lots of time to repaint nails so I needed somthing to last. With that in mind, there were three reasons I chose this design:

  • I needed something to go with the colors of my swimming costumes (which were bright pink – complimentary nails, and turquoise – contrasting nails)
  • As I was doing loads of swimming, I needed something fairly chip-resistant – glitter is the most chip-resistant type of polish I can think of
  • If the polish did chip, glitter is the easiest thing to neatly and quickly top up

So, when going on holiday make sure you think ahead nail-wise!

Will your toes be on display? Will you have time to re-paint? How high-maintenance do you want your nails? What will you be wearing?

Most of all don’t forget to pack at minimum one polish for emergency top-ups!

For how to, check out a couple of my similar sponge manis: (for more, look under the ‘Sponge’ category on the right)