Magic 8 Ball

31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 7 – Black & White Nails

Ask a question, any question! I struggled to come up with a really new concept for Black and White nails, and the design that’s now on my thumb just kept popping into my head… Not everyone gets it at first but I still say this is a kinda cool idea

These are kinda self-explanatory;

  • Paint nails black
  • Use a paintbrush/pencil tip to draw in the designs in white

If I hadn’t lost my Magic 8 Ball over 10 years ago, I might have remembered that the actual design requires the little purple triangles, as can be seen here:

However, Nev seems to have remembered this in this nail set:

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was Black & White Nails, check back tomorrow for Magnetic and Metallic Nails!