31 Day Nail Challenge – Day 1 – Red Nails

Lego is really cool, though beyond painful when you step on it! This one is a dedication to my childhood, am quite pleased with the results. Its a really simplistic design, and you only need the 4 colours + a sharp pencil to do it!

  • So start off by painting all your nails red. With brands and logos, I always think its really important to get as close a color match as is possible, makes the whole thing more recognizable
  • For the Lego head, paint a square with a sticky out bit in yellow
  • Then take a pencil , dip it in black polish and draw in the face + outline
  • For the logo, first get a picture of it in front of you
  • Start with the yellow, then the white. Do the black last to get a clear and bold outline

If your feeling a bit more colorful, you could always attempt The Daily Nails design:

The 31 day nail challenge is basically a list of inspirations/guidelines for nail designs.

Today’s was Red Nails, hence the red in the Lego design, check back tomorrow for Orange Nails (with a hint of Neon)!