Toy Story

There’s a snake in ma boot!

So Toy Story is just epic. Seriously. These nails are capturing the best elements of it; the logo (obviously), Buzz, Woody, the cloud pattern and the aliens!

The first question I always get is ‘How do you do it so small?!’.   Heres your answer:

  • Take a unwanted pencil. If it has a rubber on the end, turn it into a dotting tool as well by sticking a pin in it
  • Dab a small blob of polish onto a bit of card/something shiny
  • Dip pencil in polish, paint on
  • Obviously it’s not as good as a paintbrush but there is more control
  • The sharper the pencil tip, the more accurate you can get!

This one was inspired/based on the design by NailnaNails: