Rock Chic

So the truth is that I only had a scrap of nail sticker left and wanted to do something with it, but am quite liking the result! With different patterns on nail stickers this could really be quite interesting, play around with it!

So start off with your nail sticker:

  • Trim it to roughly the size of your nail, the only part too big should be over the tip of the nail
  • Stick the design to the nail, try to smooth out the creases e.t.c.
  • Trim the overlap, either with a nail file or with scissors
  • Now find matching colors to the design, and paint in the rest of the nails
  • Here I went for a black base with a silver crackle polish, but making use of a dotting tool/taping techniques would probably look pretty interesting too

I like the idea of the accent nail sticker because there are so many possibilities! Give it a go and comment to let me see what you come up with 🙂